Hope for Health

Being healthy in a not-so-healthy world


Hope for Health is the brainchild of health research journalist, Hope Gillette, and is the collective effort of research journalists across the country.


After 10 years in the veterinary field, I decided to follow my heart and write. Don’t get me wrong; I love animals, and I loved being able to help them. It was the managing of people that really didn’t suit me. (And apparently bare-knuckle boxing to settle minor disputes is frowned on in the management community. Who woulda thought?)

My creative writing eventually steered me toward article writing, and research writing evolved from there.

I created Hope for Health because I was shocked by some of the information I uncovered in my journalism journey; information that really should be more public than it is. I want you, my friends, my family, and anyone struggling to be healthy, to know there is hope (pun absolutely intended) for a healthier existence.


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