Mankind spends trillions of dollars annually on cancer study and research. Trillions of dollars. And even with all that spending, people are still getting cancer and people are still dying from it.

One of the fundamental beliefs here at Hope for Health is that proper diet, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle are key to preventing a number of diseases, and that includes cancers. We never fail to be baffled by the amount of people who know things are bad for them but continue to do them…

Anyway, we’re just going to add some more evidence to our pot of healthy lifestyle musts in disease prevention.exercise (2)

Just this month, research from the University of Colorado-Boulder’s Sports Medicine and Performance Center looked at the importance of lactate (the byprouct of glycolysis) in cancer formation.

Long story short, glycolysis is the body’s process of breaking down sugar for energy, and this process generates lactate. Lactate helps create an acidic microenvironment outside cancer cells, which supports the spread of cancer.

Here’s the important part: regular exercise trains the body to utilize lactate as an efficient energy source. This prevents lactate from building up in the body, thus preventing an accumulation.

Do we really need to spell it out from here?


How about this: exercise = lower cancer risk

It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Now, you know exercise is important. You know it does everything from promoting heart health and bone health to now preventing cancer. WHY ARE YOU STILL LEADING A SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE?

Get out and move, people. It’s not just about healthy weight. Our bodies were made to move and be active.

We could rant about this for days…