It’s no secret the folks here at Hope for Health aren’t big advocates of dairy products.

While we can go into why (let’s talk hormones, inflammation, and lactose intolerance), we’ll let the research do the talking for us.

New on the list of reasons to avoid dairy comes a study from the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY.

In the research, Susan McCann, Ph.D., and her team found a high intake of cheese – particularly cheddar cheese and cream cheese – was linked to a 53% increased risk of breast cancer.


This isn’t the first study to show diet has an impact on breast cancer. (HOW MANY TIMES DO WE HAVE TO TELL YOU DIET IS EVERYTHING?) Research in 2017 from the American Association for Cancer Research found a poor diet in adolescence was linked to premenopausal breast cancer.

Now, to be fair, cheese was the only dairy product implicated in the study. Yogurt was actually linked to a decreased risk of breast cancer.

As research journalists, we need to divulge that information, but we still don’t feel that warrants inclusion of dairy into a regular diet. There are currently a number of conflicting studies surrounding dairy; some say it’s one of the most inflammatory food groups, while others say there’s not enough supporting evidence.

All we can say is our personal decision is to steer clear of processed, commercial dairy.

You don’t need it for the calcium, despite what the TV commercials would have you believe. Children and adults can get plenty of calcium, vitamins, and minerals just from eating a diet rich in dark green, leafy vegetables.