Hay fever? Runny nose? Itchy eyes? Sneezing?

Yup, it’s almost that time of year; plants are about to wake up, and pollen, mold, and everything else allergy-related will once again be knocking on your door.

If you’re one of the many people out there who suffer from seasonal allergies –hay fever–we have something you should try.



That’s right; the same supplement you take to keep your digestive system healthy may just hold the key to your seasonal allergies, too.

New research released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests a probiotic with  both Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria  reduces seasonal allergy symptoms and improves quality of life during hay fever season.

(The key is to make sure the probiotic has both those bacteria strains!)

And the best part is this isn’t the first study to suggest using a probiotic might keep those allergies at bay. We now have a growing body of research to suggest combination probiotics can be alternative treatments to OTC allergy medications.

Researchers wrote:

“Our study demonstrates a potential benefit for healthy adults with self-identified seasonal allergies when the probiotic is administered starting at the greatest level of allergy symptoms.

Future research should focus on the molecular mechanism by which probiotics modulate immune function. If elucidated, this information may lead to a more complete understanding of the role of commensal microorganisms in developing and maintaining immune balance.”

Just one more study proving the human microbiome is hugely important to all aspects of human health. Take those probiotics, people!