We don’t want to pick on any products in particular, but you know those commercial mouthwashes that feel like liquid fire on your gums? Yeah, you know the ones.

Turns out you probably don’t need to use them if you’re trying to treat bleeding gums (aka gingivitis).

We know, we know–“the burn lets you know it’s working.”

Uh…really? Is that a scientific fact?

Come on, now. It’s time to ignore such bogus advice and go with what research tells us: if you want to treat bleeding gums–use aloe vera. That’s right; there’s an abundance of research out there showing aloe vera is a super anti-inflammatory agent in the mouth, and using this medicinal extract can help combat a number of dentistry issues including periodontal disease, stomatitis, gingivitis, and submucous fibrosis, among others.


Basically, aloe vera is pretty awesome for your mouth.

You can check out some research studies on the use of this plant in dentistry HERE and HERE.

As to your personal use, you don’t have to go out and buy aloe vera liquid or gel (though you absolutely can do this at a health foods store); there are some commercial products worth a try.

One of our authors personally made the switch from Listerine to this brand and swears to never go back!