Remember back in the day when everyone swore “the foods you eat have nothing to do with your skin?” Yes, we remember those days as well–and we remember thinking those experts were full of sh**.

If diet had nothing to do with acne, why did it seem like breakouts happened after high-sugar (here we go again), high-carb meals? Why did pimples appear out of nowhere after a dairy-laden dinner? Were we crazy? According to doctors and dermatologists at the time–yes.milk-2

Now, there’s a lot that goes into why food affects acne, and much of it comes down to food allergies and food intolerance (no, they aren’t the same thing). Think about it this way: milk is one of the top food allergens. Sixty-five percent of people in the world also have some form of milk intolerance.

Sugar, the bane of our existence, causes a process known as glycation, where digested sugar molecules attach to collagen in the skin. Glycation has been linked to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and acne flare-ups.

Knowing these things, does it surprise you that dairy and carbs may be causing your skin problems?

We aren’t just drawing random conclusions. In 2013, the American Academy of Dermatology released a statement finally admitting carbohydrates (SUGAR) and dairy appear to have a negative affect on skin clarity in some people.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to pay attention to your skin patterns. If you notice a breakout after you indulge in a high-carb meal, make a note. If you cut back on cheese and milk and your skin gets better, make a note. Diet is totally in your hands, and avoiding certain foods can be easier than rummaging through all the different pimple creams out there.

And here’s the bottom line: what do you have to lose by reducing your dairy or carb intake? The pimples? Yes, please!