Can’t sleep at night? You’re not alone. So many people in this country are sleep deprived, in fact, The Better Sleep Council states 61% of individuals crave more sleep over sex.

So what’s keeping you from getting that restful slumber? Maybe you should take a look at you pre-bedtime habits. Specifically, maybe you should take a look at your electronic device use.

Are you a TV watcher before bed? Do you surf social media on your phone? Maybe you’re catching up on some emails before closing your eyes for the night. Whatever you’re doing on your electronic device–stop.

Why are electronic devices associated with poor sleep? It’s not because they make you stay up later. It all has to do with the blue light most electronics use in their screens. Blue light tells the brain it’s daytime (blue sky, anyone?), and that definitely doesn’t trigger the body’s desire to sleep.

And don’t think you’re sneaking by if you’re not using a product with a blue light. Any nighttime light can suppress the production of sleep-friendly melatonin; blue light just has the most powerful impact.

If you’re a chronic electronic user before bedtime, you may have found your reason for those sleepless nights. Put screens away at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. That’s right–two-three hours. We know, in the age of social media, that can be a lifetime, but we promise your friends will still be there on Facebook when you wake up the next day.