Few things strike fear into our hearts like flu season, and for good reason. While most of us can get away with feeling miserable for a few days, the flu can be deadly depending on your age, immune system, and socioeconomic standing.

While you can never 100% prevent the flu (not even with vaccines) you certainly can do everything in your power to try to escape its wrath each season.

And what’s the one thing you’re probably not doing? Drinking honeysuckle tea. (One of our authors swears by this, so we have some personal insight, as well.)tea-3

In 2014, when Ebola had the world running for cover, a study published in the journal Cell Research looked at the use of honeysuckle tea as a preventative of viral ailments. The honeysuckle plant had been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to ward off the flu–and seemed to really work.

What researchers found was honeysuckle tea effectively prevented replication of certain, deadly, influenza A viruses, including the H1N1 swine flu. What’s more, honeysuckle was even effective against Ebola virus, suggesting a broad-spectrum antiviral potential.

You can read the actual study HERE.

And if you’re a tea drinker, what do you have to lose? Honeysuckle tea is pretty tasty, antiviral properties aside.