Remember that saying “you are what you eat?” Well, turns out it’s true, but not in the traditional sense. What we’re talking about is the human microbiome, all the tiny, weird, little organisms that live on us and inside of us, naturally.

If you’re taking a probiotic, that’s the first step; you understand the basic principles of keeping your gut bacteria balanced. But what if we told you the human microbiome (and not just the one in your intestines) influences everything from chronic illness, brain function, and skin clarity to a healthy immune system?germs

Don’t believe us? New research even suggests we are doing more harm than good when we wash our faces everyday. How’s that for a revolutionary look at skin care?

That doesn’t mean you should toss out your favorite face wash. What it does mean is you should pay more attention to promoting a healthy internal and external microbiome.

How do you do that? Eat healthy (vegetables and lean protein; NO added sugar). Exercise regularly. Avoid using harsh chemicals and treatments that strip away good and bad bacteria. Take a probiotic. Oh, and did we say avoid added sugar? Okay, just making sure.

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