If you ask the majority of people what the secret to weight loss is, they’ll tell you it’s “eat less and exercise more.” Right? Well we’re just going to leave some information here for you…

Jogging one mile, at the pace of 10-minute miles, will burn approximately 113 calories for a 150lb person. So that 2 mile jog you went on? You barely burned 226 calories.

You can eliminate 280 calories just by cutting out two 12-ounce sodas from your diet a day.

What we’re getting at: you can exercise until you’re blue in the face, but if you don’t modify your diet correctly, you’re not going to see significant weight loss.

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The biggest thing to cut out? Added sugar. Take a look at this documentary, “Fed Up” showing how you’ve been fooled into thinking fat was the culprit in obesity.